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This is where it all began, Stylish Essendon has been pampering local pooches for the last 4 years, we have clients coming in from even the other side of the town just to give what is the best they can find for their pups.

Thank you so much to our loyal customers who have supported us all these time! We will continue to deliver only the best as always!

Style Groom

From something as cute as a Teddy bear to as cool as a Mohawk, you do the creative thinking and we will do the work.

Breed Groom

Standard show groom for Poodles, Schanzuer etc, you name it and we do it.

Nail Clipping

No appointment needed, just come in and visit us


Only with VET recommendation


Remove the loosen excess coat to keep your pooches in best shape


Using the appropriate products to keep the unwanted guests off your best friend

Price Table

Price Chart
Price Chart
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